Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

I am a sucker for role playing video games. Since I had an SNES (the crowning glory, epitome, holy grail console of RPGs), RPG’s have been one of the main stays in my video game collections. Have played numerous types of RPGs like Final fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry, alongside MMORPGs like Ragnarok and Flyff. These long to play, single player games have been my companion when I was alone to tend the house while my mother and father went to the province.

I have found out that the earliest role playing video games date back in the late 70′s to the early 80′s when they are text based and  leave you with no graphics and only pure imagination. Zork, an example, was released in 1977. Now that is way older that I am!

But I digress.

Here is the list of the iPad RPGs that are currently in my iPad’s springboard! Hope you enjoy the list of the best role playing games on my iPad!


1. Final Fantasy III for the iPad ($16.99)

ipadrpg Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

Almost everyone loves the Final Fantasy series. This one, Final Fantasy III ($16.99 via iTunes) takes into its system one of the most popular systems in the FF series — the job system.

For those few who do not know, the job system enables players to change the attributes, traits and overall ability of one character. Oh, and the costume changes too! You can select from the physically weak but destructive magic wielding black mage, to the white mage, which heals other characters, to the tanking, strong knights. There are tons to choose from!

The control system, which is a virtual joystick is really really good. It is not obstructive at all, and is super responsive to the touch.

One of the cons of the games, aside from the high price tag, is that the job system’s Traits option is removed, meaning you cannot have a bad ass knight that can heal other characters, and you would have to shift jobs to get the other job’s goodies.

Download Final Fantasy III for the iPad here.


2. Inotia 3 – The Children of Carnia ($4.99)

IPADRPG Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

If you know The Legend of Zelda on the NES (wayyy — I think I just revealed my age) then Inotia 3 might be  iPad RPG counterpart.

In Inotia, you choose from a different variety of initial jobs, like a barbarian, a mage or a priest, among others. Just like Zelda, the battle system is real time and not turn based. This adds another element, though — the 3 party system where you can add two more people, which you will pick up a variety of them, into your party — very much like final fantasy games, but the two other people have their own AI. You can shift control from one party member to another, leaving the AI to control the character you vacated command from. This adds strategy from the Zelda-esque  game play. At one time, you might want to control a tank or control the priest on when to heal.

The downside of the game is the ridiculously funny chibi sprites. Not a problem if you play the series the first time, but if you payed Inotia 2, then you will be disappointed with the work. The game play had improved, overall, though.

Download Inotia 3 – the Children of Carnia here.


3. Pocket Legends (free)

multiplayeripadgame1 Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

Pocket Legends is an MMORPG, much like the games, Ragnarok Online, Flyff, Guildwars or World of Warcraft. This time, the MMORPG is available to mobile devices, like the iPhone or iPad.

With Pocket Legends, you would have to choose between three character types, each specializing in one combat style and represented by one type of animal. You would have to choose between:

a. Archer, represented by birds that loves plucking enemies from afar, and keeping them away

b. Mage, represented by rodents (I think), which specializes in devastating single target ans AOE (area of effect) magic as well as support and restorative spells

c. Warriors, represented by bears, which uses brute force and hard hitting attacks to kill the enemy upon close encounter

One disadvantage of Pocket Legends, while free, will nag you into getting the game’s optional premium services. You will find these messages everywhere — in the shops, in your menu, in the world map. But then again, it is a small price to pay since you are playing a free service.

Download Pocket Legends here.


4. Rimelands – The Hammer of Thor ($4.99)

bestipadrpg Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download


Rimelands – The Hammer of Thor is an innovative RPG game in terms of game play. The game style is turn based, which incorporates the use of dice. The dice does not have the normal numeric values, instead have icons of a shield, skull and crosses. It does not make sense right now, but it will after you have finished the tutorial.

Rimelands will eventually let you choose a combat discipline, and upgrades to the heroine’s skill tree. This is where the real meat of the game comes in, where the skills, when leveled up, will unlock other skills and let you specialize in one fighting style or become a mediocre jack-of-all-trades.

Download Rimelands: Hammer of Thor here.

See our review of Rimelands: Hammer of Thor


5. Dungeon Hunter ($4.99)

bestipadrpg2 Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

Gameloft produces copycats of well known and loved game franchises and it does the same with Dungeon Hunter, imitating the big game, Diablo.

In Dungeon Hunter you would choose between a warrior, a rogue and a mage. Then, much like Diablo, you would have to distribute skill points you earn from quests as reward.

Download Dungeon Hunter here.


6. Mage Gauntlet ($2.99, iPhone Version)

Mage Gauntlet Best iPad RPG Games You Should DownloadMage Gauntlet has no iPad version, but it still scales beautifully on 2x zoom because the game, inspired by the 16bit PRGs, is pixellated. It features Lexi, a mage with no magical capabilities, but has a gauntlet that stores in spells. Mage Gauntlet truly shines in its hack and slash RPG gameplay and the funny dialogue is the icing on the cake.

Download Link: Mage Gauntlet – Rocketcat Games

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7. The Bard’s Tale ($5.99)

mzl.ksynwxht.480x480 75 Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

The Bard’s Tale is a traditional action RPG with a non-traditional main character. The titular Bard is a mean spirited, opportunistic, womanizing oaf in a quest for money and booty (not pirate booty, the other booty).

Download Link: The Bard’s Tale (Universal App)

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8. Dungeon Defenders ($2.99)

multiplayeripadgames3 Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

Dungeon Defenders is a great hybrid of  Tower Defense and RPG. One of the best features of Dungeon Defenders is that you can play cooperatively with other players online or through wifi. Dungeon Defenders is also in my post, The Best Tower Defense iPad Games.

Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave – Trendy Entertainment


9. Infinity Blade 1

mzl.hciyouty.480x480 75 Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

At first, I was reluctant with Infity Blade. The graphics are gorgeous bar none, but will it run smoothly with my outdated iPad first gen? I finally caved in and downloaded Infinity Blade 1 and I was hooked! It runs ever so smoothly than I expected and needless to say, it  wasted my entire weekend just playing. Extremely addictive!

Infinity Blade – Chair Entertainment Group, LLC


10. Infinity Blade 2

mzl.sturbdrb.480x480 75 Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

The sequel to Infinity Blade is more awesome, though. Now, you can shoose from three fighting styles and the fight sequences are harder!

Infinity Blade II – Chair Entertainment Group, LLC


11.  100 Rogues

mzl.izlemeov.320x480 75 Best iPad RPG Games You Should Download

This one is a superb roguelike Dungeon Crawler. You can choose between different classes, ranging from a fairy mage (which is OP IMHO) , a crusader, a lizardman and a skelleton pirate (my favourite). The game is requires careful planning, and, although an action RPG, it is turn-based.

100 Rogues – Fusion Reactions

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