Top 10 iPad Travel Apps

Traveling doesn’t have to be a hassle for iPad owners. With the help and cooperation of several companies, Apple has released some of the best travel apps available.


1. Berlitz iPhrase

This app is useful for travelers who are visiting a foreign country. The iPhrase iPad app is a convenient program with common phrases and words used in foreign languages. This app is available in the following popular languages:








2. TruPhone

TruPhone Top 10 iPad Travel Apps

This handy VoIP app is a good substitute for making costly international, roaming or long-distance calls. Since this app utilizes the iPad’s microphone and speakers, there is no need to purchase any accessories.


iBooks 150x150 Top 10 iPad Travel Apps3. iBooks

While this app is free to download, there are charges for any books purchased. The cost of an e-book is much less than the cost of books in duty-free shops at most airports. This app gives travelers a way to enjoy their favorite books while traveling, relaxing or waiting for a connection.


4. WeatherBug

This app provides an easy way for travelers to keep track of the weather on the road and back at home. Get local weather reports, extended forecasts, severe weather alerts and travel advisories. There is also a live Doppler radar for tracking storms.


5. Loopt Pulse

Travelers who want to know what’s going on in their destination city benefit from this app. Loopt Pulse can locate temporary events, the best clubs and other popular venues. Since the app is connected to Facebook, users can log in with their Facebook information. After logging in, Loopt Pulse users can choose between a map or photo tour of various venues.


6. Flight Track

FlightTrack Top 10 iPad Travel Apps

This is one of the best apps on the market for tracking flights. Flight Track’s real-time maps, departure information and delay updates are useful for any traveler. Since the app is based on international travel, users can track flights all over the world. This app also provides gate numbers and other helpful flight information.


7. Google Maps

Since many map providers online don’t regularly update their data, some maps aren’t reliable. Google Maps is the most reliable map source. Since it is continually updated, app users can load maps of destination cities to get a better idea of a travel route, see where a business is located or try to figure out where they are.


8. Netflix

NetFlix Top 10 iPad Travel Apps

For travelers who don’t feel like reading during a trip, Netflix provides a good substitute. Simply plug in headphones to the iPad in any area where there is Wi-Fi to enjoy a streaming movie. There are plenty of movie selections available.


TripAdvisor 150x150 Top 10 iPad Travel Apps9. TripAdvisor

The best travel tips come from experienced travelers. This app gives iPad users quick access to driving, dining, entertainment and sightseeing tips in nearly any destination city in the world.



10. Google Goggles

GoogleGoggles Top 10 iPad Travel Apps

Travelers who are lost will love this valuable app. With the help of Google Earth and Google Maps, this program allows iPad users to snap a photo of where they’re at with their iPad camera. The app is programmed to scan resources, recognize the location and provide an address.


Be sure to visit the Apple Apps Store before leaving for any trip. These helpful travel apps can prevent hassles and save time.


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