Zombie Cafe Toxin Cheat / Hack

If you want lots of that coveted toxin vials in Zombie Cafe, you have two choices:

a. Either buy the Toxins via iTunes, or

b. Hack the .plist file of the application.

This article will help you get the toxins via the second way.

1. Download a Hex Editor and iPhone Explorer

2. Close your cafe, and when everyone had left, write down how much money you have.

3. Visit this hexdecimal converter to turn the amount of money you have from decimal (normal number system we are used to) to hexadecimal (an eight digit code). HINT: if you get less than eight numbers, add zeroes before the numbers to get eight digits.

4. Connect the iPad to your computer, close down iTunes if it auto runs and locate the file, com.capcommobile.zombiecafe.plist in the Zombie Cafe application folder. It should be inside the preferences folder. Copy the file to your desktop.

5. Open the file using the Hex Editor and locate the hexadecimal code for your current money. The next eight digits after your hex code is the hex code for the mount of toxins. Go back to the hexdecimal converter to convert your desired number of toxin vials then replace the eight numbers. Again if you have less than eight digits, add zeroes before your digits to get eight.

zombiecafehack2 Zombie Cafe Toxin Cheat / Hack

6. Save the file. Open iPhone explorer, locate the same file (optional, you can back up your original data just in case you made mistakes) and replace it.

7. Close the iPhone explorer, disconnect your device and turn it off.

8. Open the device again, run the application, then voila. Free unlimited toxins.

zombiecafetoxincheat Zombie Cafe Toxin Cheat / Hack

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